Sophie Penkethman-Young is a Sydney-based artist and arts administrator.  Her video and new media works explore the telling of histories through objects, museum culture and their intersection with the digital age. Sophie is interested in how ideas and experiences translate digitally, how humanness could be described and how could it be uploaded to the cloud? Sophie’s works have been included in group exhibitions across Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Europe and the UK. She has been a finalist in several prizes including most recently The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane (2018) and the Fisher's Ghost Art Award Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney (2017). Sophie currently works as Communication and Engagement Coordinator at Firstdraft. Prior to this, Sophie worked as Marking and Content Coordinator at Carriageworks and as Graphic Designer, M. Contemporary. She gained a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography Media Arts) from the Australian National University School of Art & Design in 2013 and completed her Honours at The Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney in 2014. She is currently completing a Master of Art Curating at the University of Sydney.