Sophie Penkethman-Young
HLML Flatpack, 2016
digital video projection, demensions variable

Structure: Matthew Roll
Sound: Duncan Brown

HTML_Flatpack uses images from museum archives, constructed photographs and clips from youtube to examine loss of object and history in a digital age where everything is presented on the same platform no matter what the content. The work also touches on the destruction of cultural histories in continuous war.

'A memory cocktail of Youtube snippets, music videos, history films, and digital animations collide in Sophie Penkethman-Young’s new media piece, HTML Flatpack, as a mimic to society’s obsession with infinite-scrolling and channel surfing.' - Mariam Arcilla curator of #PRIZENOPRIZE at The Walls

'The six-minute work reminds me of my lack of focus, of how time can start out still but whip by via an endless scroll. In four acts we see pools of colour jump and switch on an unlabelled map of the world, inventing new borders, until the borders as we know them are established and an animated finger pokes Europe and turns the screen to static. While watching I think about colonisation, but while writing I think about the game of matching coloured squares that I play on my iPhone.' - Felicity Scarce, review for UN Projects

Photos by Sophie Penkethman-Young

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